1. force, push, drive, ram, shove, elbow; impel, propel, thrust, trundle; cram, jam, crush, pinch.
2. compress, squeeze, condense, clamp; cramp, compact, concentrate, roll into a ball; strain, strangle, constrict, constringe.
3. weigh upon, depress, press down, bear down; let down, force down, thrust down, cast down; lower, push down, detrude, shove down, sink, stuff down.
4. embrace, hug, clasp, cleave, embosom; enfold, snuggle, fondle, caress, pet, nuzzle; press to the bosom, take to the heart, fold in one's arms, throw one's arms around.
5. flatten, make flat, iron, steam, calender, mangle, hot-press; smooth, roll, roll out, bulldoze, plane.
6. beset, torment, assail, besiege; harass, annoy, vex, disquiet, disconcert, worry; plague, afflict, grieve, wound; trouble, irk, aggravate, irritate; rack, grate, grind, fret, gnaw; oppress, tyrannize, persecute, subjugate; saddle, overwhelm, suppress, repress; burden, embarrass, encumber, drag down, strain; drive to the wall, strong-arm, intimidate, cow; grind the heel, rule with an iron fist, ride roughshod over.
7. urge, impel, induce, persuade; incite, move, motivate, provoke, goad, spur; instigate, animate, prick, prod; whip, lash, Inf. egg on, hound, sting; energize, electrify, galvanize, actuate, spark, charge: inspire, rouse, arouse, foment, evoke, elicit.
8. hasten, hurry, push, rush, dash; speed, hustle, make haste, scramble, move, scuttle, scurry, scamper; bustle, plunge headlong, work under pressure, work against time, put one's nose to the grindstone, work overtime.
9. importune, entreat, beg, implore, plead, supplicate; bid, petition, appeal, sue, pray; enjoin, exhort, insist, drive; beseech, imprecate, dun, tax; adjure, conjure, invoke, impetrate; nag, pressure, blandish, Inf. jawbone.
10. require, demand, requisition; enforce, compel, coerce, constrain; bind, oblige, necessitate; extort, twist from, wrench from, wring from; twist one's arm, tie one down, put the screws on, pin down, bring pressure to bear.
11. impress, draft, conscript, induct; call up, summon, mobilize, levy, recruit, raise; enlist, sign up, sign on, enroll.
12. push forward, advance, forge ahead, progress, drive on; move on, trudge on, drag on, march on, plod on.
13. crowd, throng, crush, mill; swarm, herd, flock, surge, seethe; cluster, conglomerate, huddle, gather round, rally round; merge, converge, gather, meet, Inf. gang up.
14. newspapers, periodicals, newspaperdom, newspaper world, the papers; fourth estate, journalism, Fleet Street, media, broadcasting, broadcast journalism, radio, television, wire services, news service.
15. news reporters, news photographers, newsmen, journalists, reporters, correspondents, gentlemen of the press, columnists.
16. coverage, play, space, time, air time.
17. printing press, printing machine, letter press, linotype press, rotary press, proof press; hand press, flatbed press, web press, platen press, roller press, electrotype press, rotogravure press.
18. pressure, urgency, instance, insistence; provocation, instigation, stimulation, actuation, motivation; incitement, inducement, encouragement, prompting.
19. compulsion, pressure, stress, duress, coercion, force, constraint; enforcement, obligation, necessity; exigency, need, pinch, extremity, crisis.
20. crowd, throng, crush, multitude, mob, pack, Inf. heap; swarm, flock, herd, drove, troop; flood, deluge, sea; rabble, bunch, host, horde, army, legion.
21. hustle, bustle, hustle-bustle, hurry, great hurry; hum of business, flurry, fluster, ferment; ado, Sl. rat race, Inf. much going on, plenty to do, storm.
22. draft, conscription, enrollment, enlistment, call, call-up, summons; impressment, induction, raising; recruitment, muster, mobilization, levy.

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